Monday, March 7, 2011

Chat with David Price

Coming off the best season in Tampa Bay Rays history, David Price heads into 2011 not looking back but looking forward. David was nice enough to take some time and share with us his thoughts on playing with Manny, pitching to Pujols, and living life in general.

SYS: You're on a desert island and can have three items. What are they and why?
DP: Astro...cause I love him! Cell phone so I can talk to my family and friends and tweet my fans back! Then probably my xbox....but I guess I’ll have to steal a t.v. since I didn’t bring one with me. haha

SYS: You're well documented as saying the Braves were your favorite team growing up, who then was your least favorite?
DP: Anyone who was beating the Braves...haha I liked them all just the Braves the most.

SYS:After a game you can grab a drink with 3 guys from the league. Who are they?
DP: Matt Garza, haha then whoever else...Garza is enough entertainment.

SYS: You recently said on Twitter (@davidprice14) that you learned a "knucklesplitchange", is this your version of the "Gyro" ball and do you throw it left or right handed?
DP: haha I was just messin around on twitter....not a real pitch.

SYS: You are very active on Twitter. What is the funniest comment a person as made to you on Twitter?
DP: haha not really sure....I’ve seen some pretty funny pictures.

SYS: Albert Pujols is up with men on 2nd and 3rd leaving 1st base open and two outs. What does David Price do?
DP: Walk him like any sane pitcher would.

SYS: What was the main difference for you between '09 and '10?
DP: Confidence.

SYS: A lot of changes for the Rays roster headed into spring training this season, ( loss of Crawford, Soriano, Bartlett, Pena, BeƱot, Garza). How did you react to all the moves?
DP: Its part of the business, nothing I can do but continue on with what I’m doing.

SYS: Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon are now teammates of yours, what was your first thought when you heard this?
DP: Sickwitit (sick with it)

SYS: Who has the best sense of humor on the roster?
DP: Evan Longoria.

SYS: Best practical joke played since you've been on the Rays?
DP: Troy Percival plastered his face on my car in 2008 spring training.

SYS: How does Joe Maddons managerial style impact you and your way of doing things, if at all?
DP: It doesn’t impact me at all.

SYS: Toughest hitter you ever faced?
DP: Joe Mauer (Catcher for Minnesota Twins)

SYS: What was the greatest sports moment of your life? Professional or not.
DP: Pitching in the 2008 world series!

SYS: Do you feel more responsibility/pressure to lead the team entering your third full season?
DP: No everything still feels pretty much the same.

SYS: What are your expectations for the 2011 Rays?
DP:Win the World Series!!

SYS:Kobe Bryant or LeBron James?
DP: Lebron

SYS: Hank Aaron or Barry Bonds?
DP: Hank

SYS: Call of Duty or Madden?
DP: COD (Call of Duty)

SYS: Pepsi or Coke?
DP: Coke

SYS: Glass half empty or half full?
DP: Half full

We want to thank David Price for taking the time to answer a few questions. Price and the Rays look to repeat as AL East Champions in 2011.

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