Monday, March 21, 2011

Fantasy Draft Diary

20 dollars. It's all it cost for me to play fantasy baseball with my guys. 20 dollars. It's a number I prefer not to remind my wife of until after the season has begun. (Newlyweds. You either understand or will one day). At this moment, post 12 AM, I am about to start a baseball draft and I have decided to journal it for you all to read and enjoy as I am sure you will.
This is the view during my offline
draft.  Now you know why
 Im doing this online. 

One team name in this lobby is "Honey Nut Ichiros". This was a horrible idea already. 
I would prefer to get a middle round pick and load heavy on infield with pitching being the deepest position of them all. 

Round 1 Pick 1: Albert Pujols 1B
What joy! I have the 1st pick of the draft. This is the worst. Albert Pujols is the obvious choice.
All around the greatest player in baseball. 
Tulowitzki just went 4th overall. Yep. Longoria goes undrafted in the 1st. These are things that I dont understand.
Round 2 Pick 20: Kevin Youkilis 1B/3B
I am hoping Kevin Youkilis will drop my way. Judging by the way these guys pick I should have no problem.... and I was right. 
Round 3 Pick 21: Jon Lester P
What? A pitcher? I like Lester alot. Great numbers and his offense should have no run support issues. 
Round 4 Pick 40: Dan Uggla 2B
Looking to go infield again. Outfield is deep with solid players. Infield is shallow. Kiddie pool shallow. Buster Posey just got drafted at pick 35. I dont understand sometimes. I get Dan Uggla. Uggla has great power from a MI spot as well as a very solid lineup surrounding him in Atlanta.
Round 5 Pick 41: Jose Bautista 3B/RF
This goes against everything I believe in. He has had one great year which would normally cause me to stay away from him. However, he is like the Jersey Shore. Out of nowhere crazy success, great highlights, with the very real chance that it is all fake. 
Round 6 Pick 60: Derek Jeter SS
Guy on the message board just asked me if I would take him to dinner. Collin Douglas should be expecting a call soon. Also, BJ Upton just got drafter. Trying not to tear up. I am more than happy with Jeter here. Look for him to have a better year than last that is for sure. 
Round 7 Pick 61: Andre Eithier OF
Round 8 Pick 80: David Price P
The Price was Right!!! His average draft position is 69th in ESPN leagues. I got him at 80. Solid strikeouts with a high "win" potential. He is also a Ray. 
Round 9 Pick 81: Delmon Young OF
Please read Jose Bautista and then apply here. 
Round 10 Pick 100: Casey McGehee 3B
He will be my UTIL as of right now but at this point in the draft, 100 RBIs, 20+ HRs and a .280 avgerage are too good to pass up. 
Round 11 Pick 101: Stephen Drew SS
Upside is solid. Downside is he is related to JD Drew. 
Round 12 Pick 120: Tim Hudson P
Message Board stalker just asked me for a "pic". I havent responded to him one time. This could be Chris Hansen from MSNBC. 
Round 13 Pick 121: Aubrey Huff 1B/OF
A funny thing happened after pick 121. I fell asleep. Something about drafting in a room that literally took 2 minutes per pick and the time was post midnight. I had a few on my player queue but this should be fun to see who the computer drafted. 
Round 14 Pick 140: John Danks P
Round 15 Pick 141: JJ Putz RP
I am not upset with Putz. I need a closer and he is in line for a lot of saves with the Diamondbacks. Danks however? I would have preferred Texas hurler Colby Lewis but whatevs. Its what I get for being the nerd who fell asleep first at the sleepover. 
Round  16 Pick 160: Jeremy Hellickson P
Round 17 Pick 161: Brandon Morrow P
This is the worst news I have heard since hearing about Steve Austin and his run in with a sting ray. 
Round 18 Pick 180: Mike Napoli C
Round 19 Pick 181: Jason Bay OF
This is the worst news I have heard since hearing I drafter Jeremy Hellickson and Brandon Morrow with consecutive picks. Auto pick is the worst invention ever. "Screw you over pick" would be the more appropriate name. (Insert "ZING" here)
Round 20 Pick 200: Ricky Romero P
Round 21 Pick 201: Alcides Escobar SS
Compared to my previous four picks, I am no completely disappointed. I would never ever draft this many pitchers when I already had Price, Lester and Hudson. 
Round 22 Pick 220: Ike Davis 1B
Round 23 Pick 221: Chris Coghlan OF
Let me offer some perspective. Davis was drafted before Mitch Moreland, James Loney, David Freese and Scott Rolen. Other than Rolen, I would have preferred the other three before Davis but that is what you get with the "Screw you over pick". 
Round 24 Pick 240: Jim Thome DH
Round 25 Pick 241: Travis Wood SP
Did you notice it too? Thome plays DH. You know what that means? He can only fill one spot on my starting lineup. Too bad for him he will not being doing so. 

I have no relief pitching. I am going to have to make some trades or hope to grab a future closer in free agency. My corner infield spots are solid with Pujols, Youkilis, Casey McGehee. Outfield looks decent. I hate this team. I am trying to convince myself to write something else so people do not read this draft and laugh at me. Would you believe me that my wife drafted this team based on how funny she found their names to be? 
What do you think my teams strengths and weaknesses are? 

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